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Families covered: Bevill of Chesterton, Bevill (Bevile) of Gwarnock (Gwarnake) , Bevill of Killigarth, Bevill of Sawtrey

We have seen it suggested that this family's name derived from Biéville-Beuville which is a commune in Lower Normandy. The name has been spelt variously, with Bevile as common as Bevill. This page was originally developed using 'various web sites', the main one being apparently reliant on the IGI (see below). The page was reviewed & reworked on 20.12.18 using Vivian's work on the Visitations to Cornwall which supported the earlier work. Data reliant on that earlier work is shown in italics.
Sir Raynold (Raymond) Bevill or Bevile of Gwarnock, Cornwall
m. (c1222) Elizabeth Botreux (dau/heir of Sir Reynold Botreux of Gwarnock)
1. Sir Rafe Bevill of Gwarnock
m. Elinor Peverell (dau of Sir Hugh Peverell)
  A. Ralph Bevill of Gwarnock (d 1336)
  m. Margaret Godolphin (dau of Sir Alexander Goldolphin of Godolphin)
  i. Ralph (Raphe) Bevill of Gwarnock
  m. Joane Fitzwilliam (dau of Robert Fitzwilliam)
  a. Ralph Bevill of Gwarnock (b c1306)
m. Joan Tretherfe (dau of Reginald Tretherfe or Trethurfe)
  (1) Reynold Bevill of Gwarnock
  m. Margaret Arundell (dau of John Arundell of Lanherne by Elizabeth, dau of Oliver Carminow)
  (A) Ralph Bevill of Gwarnock (b c1358)
  m. _ Tredigney (dau of John Tredigney)
  (i) John Bevill of Gwarnock
  m. Katherine Trefouis (dau of John Trefouis or Trefonis (sb Trefusis?) by Isabell Matherderva)
  (a) John Bevill 'of Gwarnake' (b c1410)
m. Elizabeth Mathadarda (dau/heir of John Mathadarda)
  ((1)) Peter Bevill of Gwarnock (b c1436, d 12.12.1515)
  m1. Maud Tresithney (dau of Thomas Tresithney)
  ((A)) John Bevill 'of Gwarnake' (a 1511, dvp)
  m. Eleanor Petyt (dau/heir of John Petyt by Jane, dau of John (probably not William) Anthorne of Antron)
  ((i)) Mary Bevill (d c1526)
m. John Arundell of Trerice
  ((ii)) Matilda Bevill (d 05.05.1550)
  m. Sir Richard Grenville
  m2. Thomasine Leigh (d 1517, dau of Thomas Leigh 'of Holdsworthy', widow of Michael Petit) ## see here ##
  ((B)) Peter Bevill of Killigarth, Cornwall
m. Philippa Beare (dau/heir of John Beare of Pengelley & Killigarth by Elizabeth, dau of John Carminowe)
  ((i)) John Bevill of Killigarth, Sheriff of Cornwall (d 19.01.1578)
  m. Elizabeth Milliton (dau of John Milliton of Mewey)
  ((a)) Sir William Bevill, Sheriff of Cornwall (dsp)
  m. Jane Arundell (dau of Sir Thomas Arundell, m2. Sir _ Manners)
  ((b)) Peter Bevill (dsp)
m. (06.09.1591) Grace Viell (dau of William Viell of Trevorder, m2. Sir George Smith)
  ((c)) Philip Bevill of Killigarth (d 1617)
  m. (04.08.1582) Elizabeth Berry (dau/heir of Anthony Berry)
  (((1))) Elizabeth Bevill
  m. (10.07.1592) Sir Bernard Grenville (Greenfield)
  ((d)) John Bevill of St. Kew (dsp)
m. Johanna Killiow (bur 23.06.1630, dau of Thomas Killiow)
  ((e)) Elizabeth Bevill
  m. Henry (John) Meggs of Cambridgeshire
  ((f)) Agnes Bevill
  m. Walter Kendall
  ((g)) Joan Bevill
  m. Humphrey Prideaux
  ((h)) Mary Bevill
  m. William Pomerory of Colliton
((C)) Michael Bevill (a 1511)
  ((D)) Isabell Bevill (a 1511)
  m. John Pentier (Peter Pentire)
  ((E)) Elizabeth Bevill
  m. (1524) John Parker
  ((2)) Katherine Bevill
  m. William Chiverton
  ((3))+ other issue (a 1511) - John of Penryn, Peter of Pomeroy (2nd Peter)
  (B) Elizabeth Bevill
m. John Trevery
  (C) Isabella Bevill (a 1433)
  b. John Bevill, Sheriff of Cornwall (a 1397)
  (1) Margery (Margaret) Bevill
  m. (before 12.09.1435) Edward Pomeroy
  ii. John Bevill
  m. _ Archdeacon (dau of Sir John Archdeacon)
  a. Mary Bevill
  m. Sir Richard Sergeaux
  (1) Joane Sergeaux
  m. Sir John Veere



Possibly connected to the above family was ...
John Bevill (a 1409)
m. (by 1379) Agnes (heiress of Waldeshef family)
1. Thomas Bevill of Waldeshef aka Chesterton Manor succeeded by ...
A. William Bevill of Chesterton (d 1487) the first mentioned in Visitation
  i. William Bevill of Chesterton (dsp 1504)
  ii. Robert Bevill of Chesterton (d 1517)
  m. Elizabeth
  a. William Bevill of Chesterton (b c1508, d 1553)
m. (c1535) Margaret Bourman (dau of Nicholas Bourman of the Isle of Wight)
  (1) Robert Bevill of Chesterton (d 1602)
  m. Johanna Lawrence (dau of William Lawrence of St. Ives)
  (A) Sir Robert Bevill of Chesterton (d 1634)
  m. Maria Coles (dau/heir of _ Coles of Preston)
  (i) Sir Robert Bevill of Chesterton (dsp(s) 1640) possibly the Sir Robert who married ...
  m. Elizabeth Hampson dau of Sir Robert Hampson ,widow)
  (ii) William Bevill (dsp before 1640?)
  (iii) Katherine Bevill (d 12.02.1638)
m. Sir John Hewet (Hewit or Hewett), 1st Bart of Headly Hall (b c1598, d 14.11.1657)
  (iv) Grace Bevill
  m. _ Elmes
  (a) Thomas Elmes
  (v) Honora Bevill (b c1610)
  m. (07.1632) Sir John Dryden, 2nd Bart of Canon's Ashby (d c1658)
  (B) Frances Bevill
  Visitation shows both a Frances and a Margaret in this generation. The Wimberley records show a Frances Margaret (d 22.06.1619), apparently of this generation, as the wife of Thomas Wimberley. The Gamlyn records shows Margaret (Lady Gamlyn) as sister of Frances who maried ...
  m. Thomas Wimberley of Bitchfield, etc.
(C) Margaret Bevill
  m. Sir Matthew Gamlyn of Fulney Hall (bpt 1546, d 1617)
  (D)+ other issue - William (dsp(vp)), Elizabeth, Fides (Faith)
  (2) John Bevill of Sawtrey
  m. Frances Lacy (dau of Henry Lacy of Stamford)
  (A) Robert Bevill of Sawtrey
  m. Maria Saunders (dau of Nicholas Saunders of Ewell)
  (i)+ issue (a 1613) - Mathew (b 06.03.1597), John (b 06.01.1611), Dorothea (b 29.05.1593), Margaret (d 22.03.1595), Francisca (b 30.07.1600), Catarina (b 23.09.1603), Anna (b 06.01.1611)
  (B) Elizabeth Bevill
  m. Stephen Turner of Sawtrey
  (C) Catarina Bevill
  m. Gilbert Abbott of Glatton
  (D) Maria Bevill
  m. Thomas Peche of Holywell
  (E) Prudence Bevill
  m. Robert Fawcett of Stamford
  (F) Jane Bevill
  m. John Lodington or Lorington of Saxby
  (3) Richard Bevill (5th son)
  m. Maria Grey of Witlesmore
  (A)+ issue - Thomas, John, Robert, William
  (4) Elizabeth Bevill
  m. William Ball of Nottinghamshire
  (5)+ other issue - Francis of Milbrooke, William, Nicholas
  b. Margaret Bevill
  m. John Cotton of Stepington
  c. Anna Bevill (nun)
  d. Jane Bevill
  m. John Poulter of Broughton
2. Maud Bevill
  m. Simon Butvileyn

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section : Visitation (J.L. Vivian (1887), Cornwall, 1530+1573+1620+additions, 'Bevill of Gwarnacke', p30+) with inpu/support from various web sites, in particular this one at RootsWeb which appears to have been based on the IGI with thanks to a contributor (DS, 27.10.11) for bringing that site to our attention
(2) For lower section : VCH (Huntingdonshire, vol 3, Parishes: Chesterton), Visitation (Huntingdonshire, 1613, Bevill)
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