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Families covered: Hay of Belton, Hay of Drumelzier, Hay of Lawfield, Hay of Linplum, Hay of Newhall, Hay of Nunraw, Hay of Spott, Hay of Tweeddale, Hay of Whittinghame, Hay of Yester, Hay-Newton of Newton

William Hay, 5th Lord of Yester (b c1537/8, d 08.1586)
m. (before 12.09.1560) Margaret Kerr (dau of Sir John Kerr of Ferniehirst)
1. William Hay, 6th Lord of Yester (b c1561, d 02.1590-1)
  m. Mary Maxwell (d before 10.01.1592-3, dau of John Maxwell, 4th Lord Herries)
  A. Elizabeth Hay (a 03.1630)
  m. (before 23.06.1617) James Tweedie of Drumelzier
B. Christian Hay
  m. (mcrt 26.02.1603) Archibald Newton of Newton
  C. Jean Hay (d before 29.08.1627)
  m. Alexander Horsburgh of Horsburgh (d 1625)
  D. Grizel Hay
  m. (mcrt 12.02.1620) George Hepburn, younger of Alderston (d 11.1637)
  E.+ other issue (a unm 08.1627) - Margaret (eldest), Agnes (4th dau)
2. James Hay, 7th Lord of Yester (d 03.02.1609)
  m. (before 10.05.1592) Margaret Kerr (b c1570, d 15.03.1645, dau of Mark Kerr, 1st Earl of Lothian)
  A. John Hay, 1st Earl of Tweeddale (b c1593, d 25.05.1653)
  m1. (1624) Jean Seton (d 19.01.1627, dau of Alexander Seton, 1st Earl of Dunfermline)
i. John Hay, 1st Marquess of Tweeddale (b 1626, d 11.08.1697)
  m. (mcrt 24.09.1644) Jane Scott (b 01.1629, d 11.1688, dau of Walter Scott, 1st Earl of Buccleuch)
  a. John Hay, 2nd Marquess of Tweeddale (b 1645, d 20.04.1713)
  m. (11.12.1666) Mary Maitland (d 20.03.1702, dau of John Maitland, Duke of Lauderdale)
  (1) Charles Hay, 3rd Marquess of Tweeddale (b before 1670, d 17.12.1715)
  m. (c1693) Susanna Hamilton (d 07.02.1736-7, dau of William Douglas, Duke of Hamilton)
(A) Charles Hay, 4th Marquess of Tweeddale (b c1695, d 09.12.1762)
  m. (24.05.1748) Frances Carteret (d 25.12.1788, dau of John Carteret, 1st Earl of Ganville)
  (i) George Hay, Earl of Gifford (b 1751, d 11.08.1752)
  (ii) George Hay, 5th Marquess of Tweeddale (b 12.07.1758, d 04.10.1770)
  (iii) Catherine Hay (b 07.06.1753, d 11.07.1776)
  m. (23.04.1774) William Hay of Newcastle (d 28.07.1781, Major) @@ below
  (iv)+ other issue - Frances (b 19.03.1749, d 02.03.1757), Susanna (b 02.03.1750, d 27.06.1757), Grace (b 11.05.1752, d unm 26.08.1771)
  (B) George Hay, 6th Marquess of Tweeddale (b c1700, d unm 16.11.1787, 4th son)
(C)+ other issue (d unm) - James (d young), Charles of Limplum (b c1700, d 01.05.1760, Major General), Susan (d 30.11.1739), Catherine (d 01.12.1773), Mary (b 29.12.1700, d young), Anne (b 23.06.1704, d 23.05.1772)
  (2) John Hay (b c1668, dsp 25.08.1706, Brigadier)
  m1. Elizabeth Dalzell (dau of James Dalzell, 4th Earl of Carnwath)
  m2. Elizabeth Orby (a 05.1695, dau of Sir Thomas Orby, Bart of Croyland)
  (3) William Hay of Newhall (d 31.10.1723, Brigadier)
  m. Margaret Hay (b 30.06.1686, d 03.10.1753, dau of John Hay, younger of Linplum) @@ below
  (A) John Hay of Newhall (d 10.12.1755/65)
  m. Dorothy Hayhurst (d 23.09.1808, dau of John Hayhurst of Quernmore)
  (i) John Hay (dvp young)
(ii) William Hay of Newhall (d 28.07.1781, Major)
  m1. (23.04.1774) Catherine Hay (d 11.07.1776, dau of John Hay, 4th Marquess of Tweeddale) @@ above
  (a) Frances Hay (b 1775/6, d 29.03.1801)
  m. (04.08.1797) Charles Manners-Tollemache of Market Overton or Harrington
  m2. (06.03.1779) Mary Nisbet (dau of William Nisbet of Dirleton)
  (b) George Hay (b c1780, d 28.04.1783)
  (iii) George Hay, 7th Marquess of Tweeddale (b 1753, d 09.08.1804)
  m. (18.04.1785) Hannah Charlotte Maitland (d 08.05.1804, dau of James Maitland, 7th Earl of Lauderdale)
  (a) George Hay, 8th Marquess of Tweeddale (b 01.02.1787, d 10.10.1873, Field Marshal) had issue
  m. (28.03.1816) Susan Montagu (b 18.09.1797, d 05.03.1870, dau of William Montagu, 5th Duke of Manchester)
  (b) James Hay (b 23.03.1788, d 18.08.1862, General) had issue
  m. (18.08.1813) Elizabeth Forbes (d 30.09.1861, dau of James Forbes of Seton)
  (c) John Hay (b 01.04.1793, dsp 26.08.1851, Rear Admiral)
  m. (02.09.1846) Mary Anne Cameron (d 30.11.1850, dau of Donald Cameron of Lochiel)
(d) Thomas Hay (b 25.08.1800, d 1890, rector of Rendlesham, 6th son)
  m. (29.08.1833) Harriet Kinloch (d 24.01.1891, dau of Sir Alexander Kinloch, 8th Bart)
  ((1))+ 2 sons and 3 daughters (all dvp)
  (e) Dorothea Frances Hay (b 03.08.1789, d 12.10.1875)
  m. (23.10.1809) John Henry Lee (d 21.08.1850)
  (f) Hannah Charlotte Hay (b 28.12.1791, dsp 03.05.1878)
  m. (01.06.1815) John Sharp of Chippenham Park (d 02.08.1863)
(g) Elizabeth Hay (b 14.02.1792, d 19.12.1868)
  m. (07.09.1813) James Joseph Hope-Vere of Blackwood and Craigie Hall (d 09.05.1843)
  (h) Julian Thomasina Hay (b 07.09.1797, d 03.04.1835)
  m. (28.07.1828) Sir John Cam Hobhouse, 2nd Bart, Lord Broughton (d 03.06.1869)
  (i)+ other issue - William (b 21.06.1794, d 23.09.1794), Edward George (b 07.05.1799, d unm 12.11.1862, Colonel), 2 stillborn sons (b/d 25.08.1800), Mary Turner (b 28.02.1786, d unm 13.04.1860), Jane (b 17.09.1796, d unm 05.02.1879)
  (iv) Edward Hay-Mackenzie of Newhall and Cromartie (d 05.12.1814) had issue
  m. (03.05.1790) Maria Murray-Mackenzie (d 08.10.1858, dau of George Murray, 6th Lord Elibank)
  (a) Dorothea Hay-Mackenzie (d 22.05.1820)
  m. (02.07.1813) Sir David Hunter-Blair, 3rd Bart of Dunskey (b 03.10.1778, d 26.12.1857)
  (b) Isabella Hay-Mackenzie probably of this generation
  m. (1817) John Buckle of New Hall & Rogate Lodge
  (v) Dorothea Hay (d 29.01.1814)
  m. (20.06.1780) James Hay of Belton (bpt 31.07.1710, d 06.02.1798, Major) @@ below
  (vi) Margaret Hay (d 1843)
  m. Alan Macdougall of Gallanach (d 24.12.1807, WS)
  (B) James Hay (d 31.05.1779, WS) had issue
  m. (10.1744) Jane Henderson (dau of John Henderson of Liston)
  (C) Richard Hay-Newton of Newton (d 18.06.1776)
m. Anne Stuart (dau of John Stuart)
  (i) William Hay-Newton of Newton (b 1747, d 12.02.1829, 3rd son)
  m. (1791) Alicia Foster (d 1841, dau of Anthony Foster of Jardinefield)
  (a) William Waring Hay-Newton of Newton Hall (b 20.09.1795, dsp 15.05.1860)
  m1. (19.06.1821) Jane Frances Gregson (d 05.07.1833, dau of Thomas Gregson of Blackburn by Elizabeth, dau of Anthony Foser of Jardinefield)
  m2. (15.02.1844) Jane Clerk-Rattray (dau of James Clerk-Rattray of Bonnington & Craighall-Rattray)
  (b) George Foster Hay-Newton, later Hay-Newton-Primrose (dsp 1856)
  m. Jane Primrose (dau of James Primrose of Burnbrae)
(c) John Stewart Hay-Newton of Newton (d 19.11.1863) had issue
  m. (04.08.1829) Margaret Eliza Fairlie (d 21.01.1888, dau of William Fairlie, m2. Major Robert Duncan Fergusson of Cassilis)
  (d)+ other issue - Richard of Newton (d unm 23.12.1848), Anthony James
  (ii) Jean Hay
  m. (13.07.1780) James Walker of Dalry (d 1817, WS)
  (iii)+ other issue - John of Newton (dsp 1789), Richard of Newton (d unm 19.10.1793
  (D) Susan Hay
  m. (22.08.1742) John Scott of Maleny (d 20.09.1791)
  (E) Jane Hay
  m. Archibald Murray of Murrayfield
  (F)+ other issue - George Lewis (b 10.02.1716, dsp), David (b 16.01.1723, dsp), Alexander (b 16.01.1723, dsp), Mary (b 01.03.1720, d unm 06.04.1766), Elizabeth
  (4) Anne Hay (b before 1670, d before 16.6.1731)
  m. William, 12th Lord Ross (d 15.03.1738)
(5) Jean Hay (b before 15.12.1670, d 04.09.1731)
  m. (29.04.1697) John Hamilton, later Leslie, 9th Earl of Rothes (bpt 21.08.1679, d 19.05.1722)
  b. David Hay of Belton (bpt 06.1656, d 12.1726, 3rd son)
  m. Rachel Hayes (d 14.01.1760, dau of Sir James Hayes of Great Bedgbury)
  (1) John Hay of Belton (bpt 16.11.1700, dsp 27.03.1780)
  (2) James Hay of Belton (bpt 31.07.1710, d 06.02.1798, Major)
  m. Dorothea Hay (d 29.01.1814, dau of John Hay of Newhall) @@ above
  (A) David Hay of Belton (b 21.05.1781, d unm 23.11.1819, captain)
  (B) James Hay of Belton (b 06.03.1786, d 03.02.1857, Rear Admiral, 3rd son) had issue
m. (10.11.1824) Mary Stewart (d 26.04.1880, dau of Robert Hathorn Stewart of Physgill)
  (C)+ other issue - George (b 10.01.1784, d 16.12.1798), 2 daughters
  (3) Jean Hay (dsp 09.10.1764)
  m. (21.03.1752) Alexander Hay of Drumelzier (d 13.03.1789) @@ below
  (4)+ other issue - David (dsp before 1780), William (dsp before 1780), Francis, Rachel, Elizabeth (d unm 09.07.1777), Margaret (d unm 31.07.1760), Diana Hungerford (d unm 01.01.1762), Susanna
  c. Alexander Hay of Spott (b 07.1663, d 31.07.1737)
  m. (22.04.1697) Catherine Charters (bpt 02.03.1675, dau of Laurence Charters)
  (1) John Hay of Lawfield (b 24.03.1698, dsp 12.1758)
  (2) child (bur 21.11.1698)
  (3) William Hay of Lawfield and Spott (b 30.12.1699)
  m. (11.0.1759) Elizabeth Sinclair (dau of Robert Sinclair, 5th Bart of Stevenston)
(A) Robert Hay of Lawfield and Spott (d 1844) had issue
  m. (1791) Catherine Babington (dau of Ralph Babington)
  (B)+ other issue - William (d 15.03.1795, Captain), John (d 28.09.1783)
  (4) Catherine Hay (d 11.02.1759)
  m. (by 1733) Sir Philip Anstruther, 2nd Bart of Balcaskie (d 27.05.1762)
d. Margaret Hay (b 1659, d 22.01.1753)
  m. (10.10.1675) Robert Ker, 3rd Earl of Roxburghe (d 06.05.1682)
  e. Jean Hay (d 07.1729)
  m. (mcrt 12.10.1693) William Douglas, 1st Earl of March (b c1655, d 02.09.1705)
  f.+ other issue (d unm) - Francis (b 16.12.1649, d young), Charles (b 1661, d young), Gilbert, William
  m2. (mcrt 22/5.12.1641) Margaret Montgomerie (b 20.02/3.1617, dsp 27.01.1665, dau of Sir Alexander Seton/Montgomerie, 6th Earl of Eglinton)
  ii. William Hay of Drumelzier (b 12.1649, d 1726)
  m. (23.11.1695) Elizabeth Seton (b 21.04.1668, dau of Alexander Seton, 1st Viscount Kingston)
  a. Alexander Hay of Drumelzier and Whittinghame (b 1701, d 13.03.1789)
  m1. Anne Stewart (d 03.1743, dau of Alexander Stewart, 5th Lord Blantyre)
  (1) Robert Hay of Drumelzier, Whittinghame and Linplum (b 18.04.1731, d 21.08.1807, 3rd son)
  m. (07.02.1787) Janet Erskine (d 29.08.1808, dau of James Erskine of Cardross)
  (A) William Hay of Duns Castle (b 29.02.1788, d 16.05.1876, Convenor of Berwick) had issue
  m. (13.05.1816) Mary Garstin (d 10.06.1863, dau of John Bradstreet Garstin)
  (B) James Hay of Linplum (d 02.05.1790, d 02.12.1819)
  (C) Alexander Hay of Nunraw (b 06.09.1796, d Waterloo 18.06.1815)
  (D) Robert Hay of Linplum and Nunraw (d 04.11.1863) had issue
  m. (1828) Kalitza Psaraki (d 05.06.0885, dau of Alexandros Psaraki of Crete)
  (E) Charles Erskine Hay of Nunraw (b 20.10.1801, d 05.05.1827)
  (F) Christian Hay (d unm 25.05.1886)
(G) Henrietta Hay (d 06.08.1854)
  m. (29.01.1822) Charles Alexander Moir of Leckie
  (H) Anne Hay (d unm 27.02.1882)
  (I) Elizabeth Seton Hay (d unm 08.03.1858)
  (2) Anne Hay (d 14.10.1807)
  m1. (14.11.1751) Sir Patrick Hepburn-Murray, 4th Bart of Balmanno (d 05.04.1756)
m2. (07.10.1762) Archibald Stirling of Keir (dsp 1783)
  (3) Margaret Hay (d 02.03.1809)
  m. (c1770) Sir Henry Seton of Culbeg, 4th Bart (d 29.06.1788)
  (4)+ other issue - William (dsp), Alexander (d 06.12.1758), James of Nunraw, John
  m2. (21.03.1752) Jean Hay (dsp 09.10.1764, dau of David Hay of Belton) @@ above
  b. William Hay (dsp)
  c. Margaret Hay (b c1697, d 13.12.1782)
  m. Robert Stewart, 7th Lord Blantyre (d 17.11.1743)
  B. Sir William Hay of Linplum (b c1594, d before 16.04.1648)
  m. (mcrt 17/8.11.1618) Anna Murray (bur 10.1658, dau of William Murray of Dunearn)
  i. Sir James Hay, 1st Bart of Linplum (d 1704)
  m1. (mcrt 04.02.1661) Jean Scott (dau of Sir Patrick Scott of Thirlestane)
  a. John Hay, younger of Linplum (dvp before 16.04.1687)
  m. (04.07.1685) Jean Foulis (dau of Sir John Foulis of Ravelstoun by Margaret Primrose)
  (1) Margaret Hay (b 30.06.1686, d 03.10.1753)
  m. William Hay of Newhall (d 31.10.1723, Brigadier) @@ above
b. Sir James Hay, 2nd Bart of Linplum Hay (b c1673, d unm 20.12.1751, Lt. Colonel)
  c.+ other issue - Isobel, Jean, Margaret (all d unm before 1752)
  m2. (27.04.1682) Anna Livingston
  ii. Margaret Hay
  m. Sir John Baird of Newbyth (bpt 10.09.1620, d 27.04.1698, Lord of Session as Lord Newbyth)
  iii.+ other issue - John (b 26.10.1619), Anna (b 19.05.1625)
  C. Robert Hay (dsp)
  D. Margaret Hay (b c1592, d 30.12.1659)
  m1. (mcrt 15.11.1607) Alexander Seton, 1st Earl of Dunfermline, Chancellor (b 1555, d 16.06.1622)
  m2. (1633) James Livingston of Brighouse, 1st Earl of Callander (dspl c1674)
3. Margaret Hay
  m. (1582) James Borthwick, 7th Lord (b 24.06.1570, d 12.1599)
4. Katharine Hay (d before 1597)
  m. (mcrt 15.02.1587-8) Robert Swinton of Swinton (d 1628)
5. Jean Hay
  m. Sir James Hay of Barra
6. Elizabeth Hay
  m. William Ker of Broomland
7. Grizel Hay
8. Beatrix Hay
  m. William Congilton, younger of Congilton

Main source(s): TSP (Tweeddale), BP1934 (Tweeddale)
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