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Families covered: Strang of Balcaskie, Stronge of Clonleigh, Strang of Pitcorthie, Strang of South Ronaldshay, Stronge of Tynan, Strang of Voisgarth (Voesgarth)

It is not clear whether the following family's name was originally a variation of Strong or one of Strachan or had some other root.
John Strang of Balcaskie, Fife (a 1362)
m. (before 1362) Cecilia de Anstruther (dau of Henry de Anstruther) presumed parents of ...
1. ?? Strang
  Uncertain on number of intervening generations.
  A. ?? Strang
  i. William Strang of Balcaskie (a 1440, 1466) possibly father or grandfather of ...
  a. George Strang of Balcaskie (a 1482, a 1517) probably father of ...
(1) John Strang of Balcaskie (a 1514, d Pinkie 1547)
  (A) George Strang (dvp)
  m. Christian Wood (a 1600, m2. laird of Teasses)
(i) John Strang of Balcaskie, Pittoter, etc. (a 1547, d before 1601)
  m. (mcrt 25.08.1565) Grizel Sandilands of St. Monans (a 1577)
  (a) John Strang (a 1578, dvp)
  ((1)) John Strang, last of Balcaskie (Colonel)
  ((A)) Thomas Strang (a 1641)
  ((2)) Michael Strang (d unm 1623)
  ((3)) Marjorie Strang
  m. William Rusell of St. Andrews
  (b) Agnes Strang
m. (James) Law of Lathrisk
  (c)+ other issue - David, Janet (d unm), Florence
  (B) Andrew Strang (a 1564, Tutor of Balcaskie)
  (i) Alexander Strang
  (C) Isabel Strang probably of this generation --
  m1. (mcrt 09.09.1569) James Sandilands (dvp 29.03.1580) --
  m2. Ninian Bonar of Keltie
  (D) Christian Strang probably of this generation
  m. James Stewart, Master of Buchan (d by 1604) TEWART18
  The following comes from 'Memoirs of Sir Robert Strange, Knt., Engraver, ... and of his brother-in-law Andrew Lumisden, Private Secretary to the Stuart Princes' by James Dennistoun of Dennistoun (1855, vol 1, p3). Identified as a younger son of the family of Balcaskie was ...
  (2) Sir David Magnus Strang of South Ronaldssay (a 1544, d 1565?, subchanter of Orkney) possibly of this generation
  (A) Andrew Strang of South Ronaldshay
  (i) James Strang
  (a) David Strang of Kirkwall, Orkneys (d 1733)
  m1. Jean Boynd
  ((1))+ issue (d by 1738) - James, 2 other sons
  m2. Jean Scollay (dau of Malcolm Scollay of Hunton)
  ((4)) Sir Robert Strange (b 14.07.1721, d 05.07.1792, engraver)
Sir Robert is confirmed by Wood ('East Neuk of Fife' p273) as "fourth in lineal succession" from the above Sir David Magnus. The following is supported by DNB (1885-1900, vol 55, "Robert Strange") & Wikipedia ("Sir Robert Strange").
  m. (1747) Isabella Lumisden (d 1806, dau of William Lumisden of Edinburgh (son of the Bishop of Edinburgh), sister of Andrew)
  ((A)) James Charles Stuart Strange of Mayfair (b 04.08.1753, d 06.10.1840, MP)
The following comes from HoP ("James Strange").
  m1. (18.02.1785) Margaret Durham (d 15.01.1791, dau of James Durham of Largo)
  ((i)) Isabella Katherine Strange (d 25.12.1847) identified by BLG1886 (Murray of Cringletie)
  m. (07.04.1807) James Wolfe Murray of Cringletie (b 05.01.1759, d 29.05.1836, Lord of Session as Lord Cringletie)
  m2. (18.12.1798) Anne Dundas (dau of Henry Dundas, 1st Viscount Melville, widow of Henry Drummond of Albury)
  ((ii))+ 2 daughters
  ((B)) Sir Thomas Andrew Lumisden Strange (b 30.11.1756, d 16.07.1841, Chief Justice in Nova Scotia) had issue
  The following comes from DNB (1885-1900, vol 55, "Thomas Andrew Lumisden Strange") & Wikipedia ("Thomas Andrew Lumisden Strange").
  m1. (1797, sps?) Janet (probably not Cecilia) Anstruther (d 1798, dau of Sir Robert Anstruther of Balcaskie, Bart)
m2. (11.10.1806) Louisa Burroughs (dau of Sir William Burroughs, 1st Bart)
  ((C))+ other issue including Robert Montagu (Major General), Mary Bruce (b 1748, d 1784)
The following connection with James & Bartholomew should be viewed as wholly speculative.
  (B) James Strang of Voisgarth, Zetland (d by 1613)
  (i) James Strang 'of Voesgarth'
  m. Christian Sinclair (dau of David Sinclair of Hunton) possibly wife of this James, could be his mother?
  (ii) Agnes Strang possibly of this generation
  m1. Thomas Cheyne, 2nd of Vaila (d 06.1626)
  m2. Andrew Gifford of Melby
  (iii) Mary Strang possibly of this generation
  m. Thomas Hendrie (d c1639, minister of Walls)
  (iv) Elizabeth Strang possibly of this generation
  m. Henry Spence of Houlland (a 11.1618)
  (C) Bartholomew Strang of Voisgarth
  (i) Jans Strang



A "scion of Strang of Balcaskie' was ...
Matthew Stronge of Strabane & Clonleigh, etc. (d 1716)
m. Anne
1. James Stronge of Croghan & Clonleigh (co. Donegal), Sheriff of Derry
m. (1675) Margaret Douglas (dau of John Douglas of Waterside)
  A. John Strong (rector of Tynan)
  m. (19.10.1711) Ellinor Manson (dau/coheir of Captain James Manson of Tynan by Elizabeth, dau/heir of Hugh Echlin of Tynan)
  i. Matthew Stronge 'of Fairview & Liverpool', Mayor of Liverpool (a 1768, 2nd son)
m. Elizabeth Powell (dau of Samuel Powell of Stannage by Elizabeth, dau of Thomas, 1st (sb 2nd) Lord Folliott)
  a. Rev. Sir James Stronge, 1st Bart (b 1750, d 01.12.1804)
  m. (27.05.1785) Helen Tew (dau/coheir of John Tew of Dublin (by Margaret, dau of Capt. Robert Maxwell of Fellow's Hall), m2. William Holmes)
  (1) Sir James Matthew Stronge 'of Tynan', 2nd Bart (b 06.04.1786, d 02.12.1864) had issue
  m. (05.09.1810) Isabella Calvert (d 12.04.1862, dau of Nicolson Calvert of Hunsdon House by Frances Pery)
  (2)+ other issue - John Ker (b 1787, d 1793), Elizabeth (d 1807)
  b. Elinor Stronge (d 07.1842)
m. John Blackburne of Wavertree Hall
  ii. William Stronge (Captain)
  m. _ Warre
  a. Margaret Stronge
  m. James O'Brien of Castle Fergus
  iii. Mary Stronge
  m. Arthur Benson (dsp 1771, rector of Monaghan)
  iv.+ other issue (d unm) - James, John
  B. Isabella Stronge
  m. Thomas Babington
2. Christian Stronge (d c1739) probably of this generation
  m. (1683) George Hamilton of Island Moore



Walter Strang
m. Christian Dudingston
1. ?? Strang
  m. _ Oliphant (dau of Sir William Oliphant)
  A. Thomas Strang of Pitcorthie, Fife (a 1466, 1494) possibly father of ...
i. Thomas Strang (dsp)
  ii. Andrew Strang of Pitcorthie (Pitcarne) (a 1532)
  a. William Strang (a 1532)
  iii. Walter Strang of Pitcorthie (d Pinkie? (sb Flodden?) c1513) probably of this generation
  b. Isabel Strang
  m. John Clephane of Carslogie
  b. Gilles Strang of Pitcorthie
  m. David Grundeston of Bunzeon (d by 1569?)
  (1) Alexander Grundeston of Pitcorthie (a 1569)
  (2) Patrick Grundeston of Bunzeon (a 1586) possibly fits here
  m. Margaret Strang (d 1617)
  c. Agnes Strang
  m. John Melville of Carnbee

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section : 'East Neuk of Fife' (Walter Wood, 1887, p271+) with input as reported above
(2) For middle section : BP1934 ('Stronge')
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(3) For lower section : 'East Neuk of Fife' (Walter Wood, 1887, p154+)
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