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Families covered: Vernon of Hatton, Vernon of Shipbroke (Shipbrook)
[This page was revised significantly following a review which was completed on 20.07.13.]

It appears that this family has been researched quite recently (in genealogical terms). BP2003 shows some important changes from what was shown for this family in BP1934. The first to note is that, whilst BP1934 (supported by Collins) starts with William de Vernon (a 1052) who had 2 sons (Richard & Walter) and then reports that Richard's 2nd son William was great-grandfather of Richard, BP2003 (Vernon, Baron of Kinderton) starts with Richard, younger brother of William, Sn de Vernon (d c1080), and then jumps to his gggs Richard. We have tried below to show most of the information provided by our sources but do omit some of 'Visit3' which at times seems to be 'doing its own thing'.
?? de Vernon, Normandy
1. William, Sn de Vernon (d c1080)
2. Richard de Vernon, lord of Shipbroke, etc., Cheshire (a 1086)
  There is clearly confusion as to the generations between Richard and his gggs Richard. 'Visit1' shows just 1 intermediary generation (Warrin, brother of Hugh who dsp) whilst 'Visit3' names this Richard as Warren and shows him as father of Ralfe father of Sir Richard father of Sir Rafe father of Sir Warren father of Sir Richard father of Sir Warren father of Sir Richard (m. Avice Avenell). Ormerod shows some uncertainty, identifying Richard as father of Willam possibly father of Hugh (though Ormerod notes that some sources show that Hugh to be son of this Richard) with Hugh possibly father of Warin father of Richard. The following broadly follows Ormerod but show the uncertain generations in italics.
  A. Hugh de Vernon (dsp)
  B. William de Vernon, lord of Shipbroke
  i. Hugh de Vernon, lord of Shipbroke, etc. Collins reports that Hugh was alive in 1119
  b. Warin de Vernon of Shipbroke
(1) Ormerod reports that some (eg 'Visit1') show Warin to be son and others to be brother/heir of Hugh. We show him as son so as to be consistent with the number of generations suggested by BP2003.
(2) Collins shows the dau/heir of Reginald de Baillot (or Badgioll) as mother of Warine (by Hugh) rather than his wife. 'Visit1' supports Ormerod in showing her as mother of Richard.
  m. _ (dau/heir of Reginald de Baillot (or Badgioll or Bulgiolle), lord of Hulgreve & Erdeswicke)
  (1) Richard de Vernon (dvp 1215-6)
  'Visit1' suggests that Mathew and his brother Mathew were alive in 21H1 (1120) but that seems too early. Collins reports that Richard was living 37H3 (1252) and dvp, which seems too late. Ormerod reports that he was alive temp Richard I (who r. 1189-1199) whilst BP2003 reports that he dvp 1215-6. His wife is identified by BP2003, BP1934 & 'Visit3' as ...
  m. (c1180) Avice de Avenell (dau/coheir of William de Avenell of Haddon)
(A) Warine de Vernon of Shipbroke (d 1247-9)
  m. (c1200) Auda Malbank (dau/coheir of William Malbank of Wich Malbank)
  (i) Warine de Vernon of Shipbroke
  m. Margaret (or Margery) de Andeville (dau of Ralph de Andeville, relict of Hugh de Altaribus)
  (a) Warine de Vernon (dsp)
  (b) Margaret or Margery de Vernon
  m. Richard de Wilbraham
  (c) Edith (Auda) de Vernon
  m1. Sir William Stafford
  m2. William Tromwin mentioned by 'Visit2'
  (d) Rohesia de Vernon
  m. John Littlebury
  (ii) Ralph de Vernon of Shipbroke (rector of Hanwell)
BP2003 mentions Ralph as a/the younger son but says nothing about his posterity. BP1934 mentions that Ralph was father of Sir Ralph "The old liver". 'Visit1', Collins and Ormerod also show Ralph as father of the Ralph who lived 150 years but 'Visit2' shows his brother Mathew as father of Sir Raufe. ['Visit3' shows Sir Ralfe (who lived 150 years) as brother of the Sir Richard who m. Avice Avenell, thereby evidencing further its confusion between the generations.] Ormerod is the only one to show that he had a legitimate daughter.
  m. ??
  (a) Eustatia (or Eustachia) Vernon
  Ormerod (vol 3, p133) identifies Eustatia as ancestress of the Whitmores of Thurstanton. The following connection comes from Ormerod (Cheshire, vol 2, 'Whitmore of Thurstanton', p278).
  m. ??
  ((1)) John
((A)) Margaret
  m. ?? de Haselwall
  partner unknown
  (b) Sir Ralph de Vernon of Shipbroke ('the old liver')
  Sir Ralph is said to have lived 150 years! This is surely either a gross exaggeration or a suggestion that there has been some inter-generational confusion.
  m1. Mary Dacre (dau of Ralph/Ranulph Dacre, 'Lord Dacre')
  ((1)) Sir Radulphus (Ralph) Vernon of Hanwell (dvp)
  m. Margaret St. Pierre (dau of Urian St. Pierre)
  ((A)) Randle or Rawlin or Ralph Vernon (dvgp)
  Colllins shows no generation between the Ralph who m. Margaret St. Pierre (de Sancto Petro) and the Ralph who m. Agnes Damory (Damon) but Ormerod & 'Visit3' show 2 generations (both Randle, Rawlin or Ralph). 'Visit1' & 'Visit2' shows one generation.
((i)) Radulphus (Ralph) Vernon of Shipbroke
  m. Agnes Damory (dau of Richard Damory, Justice of Chester)
  ((a)) Margaret Vernon mentioned by Colllins
  m. Hamon le Strange
  ((2)) Thomas Vernon of Lostock
  m. Joane Lostock, heiress of Haslington (dau of Richard Lostock of Lostock Gralam, widow of William Toft, m3. William Hallum)
  ((3)) Rose (Roesia) Vernon
  m1. Sir William de Brereton
  m2. Sir Thomas de Davenport (d c1320)
  ((4)) Agatha or Avice Vernon
  m. Sir Hugh de Venables of Kinderton
  ((5))+ other issue - Richard (rector of Stockport), Nicholas (dsp), Hugh (dsp)
  Collins identifies Sir Ralph's 2nd wife as Matilda, dau of Robert Grosvenor of Budworth, widow of John Hatton. 'Visit3' shows her as dau of John de Ereby whilst 'Visit1' & 'Visit2', which identify her as a concubline/paramour, both show her as a Grosvenor with 'Visit2' adding that she was widow of John Hatton. Ormerod indicates that she may well have been first concubine then wife and identifies her as ...
  p/m2. Maud Grosvenor (possibly sister of Robert Grosvenor of Budworth)
((8)) Richard Vernon
  Richard had 2 sons, Ralph & Richard, but there was some confusion between various of the Richards & Ralphs thenafter. 'Visit1' shows
  ((A)) Sir Ralph Vernon of Shipbrook
  m. Margaret widow of Sir Ralph, presumed mother of ...
  ((i)) Ellen Vernon
  Mentioned only by Ormerod who identifies her as wife of Sir John Savage of Clifton (see ## below).
  ((ii)) Agnes Vernon
m. Sir William Atherton (d 29.12.1414)
  ((B)) Sir Richard Vernon (d Shrewsbury 1403)
  m. Isabel/Elizabeth Malbank (dau of Sir Piers Malbank, m2. John Whitmore of Thurstanton)
  ((i)) Sir Richard Vernon of Shipbrook
  m. (c1408) Eleanor/Ellen Holes (dau of Sir Hugh Holes)
  ((a)) Johanna Vernon (a 1423)
  m1. Sir Robert (not Richard) Foulshurst
  m2. Richard de Whelloc
  ((ii)) Sir Ralph Vernon
This Ralph is not mentioned by Ormerod or 'Visit1' but is by Collins who shows him as father of Dorothy. 'Visit2' & 'Visit3', which name the wives, not only show Sir Ralph but also show another generation (Ralph) before Dorothy. Provisionally, and with some doubts, we follow the latter largely because we think the dates support there being an extra generation.
  m. Mary Butler (dau of Sir Thomas Butler of Bewsy)
  ((a)) Ralph Vernon of Shipbroke
  m. Elizabeth Norris (dau of Norris of Speke)
(((1))) Dorothy Vernon
  m. Sir John Savage see ## above
  ((9))+ other issue - William, Maud
  Noting that Ralph's 2nd partner was widow of a John Hatton, and noting with surprise that (as far as we can see) none of the Main Sources show the Hatton connection anywhere, we speculate that this was the Ralph Vernon of Shipbroke (a 1306) who married Matilda Hatton. The following comes from Ormerod (Cheshire, vol 2, 'Dutton of Hatton and Hatton of Hatton', p433).
  m3. Matilda Hatton (dau/heir of John Hatton of Hatton)
  ((11) Robert Vernon of Hatton (a 1322) shown by Ormerod (vol 3, p133) & 'Visit2' as son of Maud Grosvenor
m. Amabilia de Oakes (dau/heir of Geoffrey de Oakes)
  ((A)) Ralph Vernon of Hatton
  m. Margaret Brailsford (dau/heir of Ralph Brailsford)
  ((i)) Eleanor Vernon
  m. John de Malpas
  ((ii)) Margaret Vernon
  ((iii)) Petronilla Vernon (d before 1428)
m. Hugh Dutton of Hatton (b 1367, d by 1440, son of Edmund son of Sir Hugh of Dutton, m2. Emma Warren)
  ((iv)) Katherine Vernon (dsp)
  m. _ de Massey
((v)) Isabella Vernon (dsp)
  m. _ de Brasbridge
  (b) Richard de Vernon
  (iii) Mathew Vernon of Bricklin
  (iv) Nicholas Vernon mentioned by Ormerod, "ancestor of the Vernons of Whatcroft"
  (v) Richard Vernon mentioned by Ormerod
  (vi) Margaret de Vernon possibly of this generation
  m. Ranulph de Bostock
  (B) Sir William de Vernon of Harlaston (a 1231, chief justice of Chester, 3rd son)
  m1. Margery de Stokeport (dau of Sir Robert de Stokeport)
  m2. (by 1233) Alice Bauville (dau of Thomas Bauville, widow of Philip de Orreby)
  (C)+ other issue - Ralph (dsp, priest), Robert
  Ormerod mentions a Richard ("supposed to die s.p.") in addition to Ralph & Robert but BP1934 & 'Visit2' (which name them as shown), BP2003 & Collins (which name only Warine & William) report that there were (only) 4 sons. 'Visit1' shows only 4: Warin, Ralph, Richard & Robert but no William.
  (2) Mathew de Vernon of Hulgreve (Holgreve) & Erdeswick not mentioned by BP2003
3. Walter de Vernon (dsp, to Cheshire)

Main source(s): BP2003 (Vernon, Baron of Kinderton) with input, support & contradiction from
(1) BP1934 (Vernon), Ormerod (Cheshire, vol 3, 'Vernon of Shipbrook', p133), Collins (Egerton Brydges, vol 7 (1812), 'Vernon, Lord Vernon', p396+)
(2) Visitation (Cheshire, 1580) which contains 4 sections on the Vernon family, the first 3 of which we refer to above as 'Visit1' ('Vernon', Harl. 1424 fo. 138b & Harl. 1505 fo. 142b), 'Visit2' ('Vernon, Baron of Shubbroc, vulgo Shipbroke', Harl. 1424 fo. 139) & 'Visit3' ('Vernon of Shipbroke', Harl. 1424 fo. 139b & Harl. 1505 fo. 143b)
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