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John Brinkhurst of Byssam, Berkshire
m. _ Gray (dau of Adam Gray)
1. John Brinkhurst or Blinkhurst in Germany (dsp)
  m1. Elizabeth Blundell
  m2. Jane Woodford of Brightwell
2. Robert Brinkhurst on London (died in Germany)
  A. Robert or Rupert Brinkhurst in Germany
  i. John Brinkhurst in Germany (dsp)
3. Richard Brinkehurst of Bissam
  m. Mary Newbery (dau of William Newbery of Malpas)
A. John Brinkhurst of The More in Great Marlow
  m1. Elizabeth Poulton (dau of John (sb Francis?) Poulton of Barton)
  m2. Mary Finch (dau of John Finch of Grove (Grovehurst?))
  i.+ issue - John (b c1618?), Charles (dsp by 1634), Susan, Mary
  Visitation ends with this generation. Presumably John (or one of his half-brothers) was father of ...
  a. ?? Brinkhurst presumed intermediary generation
  (1) John Brinkhurst or Brinckhurst of The More in Great Marlow, later of Preston (d 19.07.1726)
  m1. (by 1700) Mary Curson (d 17.07.1710, dau of Sir John Curson, 2nd Bart of Waterperry)
  (A) John Brinckhurst (dsp 08.1750)
  (B) Catherine Brinckhurst of Waterperry (b c1700, d unm 03.08.1776)
(C) Frances Brinckhurst
  m1. Thomas Barnewall (d by 03.1769)
  (i) John Barnewall, later Barnewall-Curson of Waterperry (d unm 1787)
  m2. Christopher Cusack mentioned in MGH (NS3, vol 1 (1896, #7, September 1895), 'Devolution of the Waterperry Estate', p213)
  (D) Jane Penelope Brinckhurst (dsp before 1765)
  m. Sir Richard Gaydon
  m2. ?? of Oxford
  (E) Anne Brinkhurst (b c1726, dsp 16.01.1771)
  m. (28.02.1766) Henry Roper, 10th Lord Teynham (b c1708, d 21.04.1781)
  (F) Charlotte Brinckhurst
  m. (before 1735) Lancelot Lyttelton or Lyttleton of Lichfield
  (i) Mary Lyttleton (b c1734, d 15.07.1834)
  m. (27.06.1765) Francis Roper (b 25.01.1738, d 13.08.1793)
  (ii) Barbara Lyttleton (d 10.04.1805) presumed sister of Mary
  m. (21.03.1766) Philip Roper (b 13.10.1739, d 01.01.1831, brother of Francis)
  m3. Mary Hanford (dau of John Hanford of Welleshull)
  v.+ other issue - Charles, George



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Welbore Ellis, Bishop of Meath
Wikipedia identifies Welbore Ellis, Bishop of Kildare & Meath (b c1651, d 01.01.1734) as 4th son of Rev. John Ellis (b c1606, d 1681, rector of Waddesdon). Commoners (vol 3, Burroughes of Long Stratton) suggests that Welbore "sprang" from Henry Ellis, younger son of William Ellis of Kidhall, but that is not possible given that Dugdale reported that that William was aged 22 in 09.1665 (i.e. was b c1643).
m. Diana Briscoe (dau of Sir John Briscoe of Amberley Castle)
1. Welbore Ellis, Lord Mendip of Mendip (b 15.12.1713, dsp 02.02.1802, Secretary of State for America and the Colonies, youingest son)
  m1. (18.11.1747) Elizabeth Stanhope (d 01.08.1761, dau of Hon. Sir William Stanhope by Margaret, dau of John Rudge of Wheatfield)
  m2. (20.07.1765) Anne Stanley (dau of George Stanley of Paulton Park)
2. Anne Ellis (d 14.04.1761)
  m. (29.05.1733) Henry Agar of Gowran Castle (d 18.11.1746)
3.+ 5 sons (dvpsp)



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John Wroe of Leeds
m. (1687?) Martha (probably not Sarah) Cloudsley (b 27.07.1656, a 1673) @@ above
1. Joseph Wroe of Leeds
  m. Sarah Lister (dau of Richard Lister of Leeds)
  A.+ issue - George, Samuel, Thomas, Joseph, John of Sheffield (a 1803, cutler), Benjamin, Sarah
  Hunter reports that "Most of these resided at Leeds, where they married and left issue. One, however, was an East India Captain, and left 2 daus., married genteeley".
2. John Wroe of Wakefield
m. _ Cooper
  A. John Wroe
  i. Joseph Wroe
  B. Martha Wroe
  m. _ Buckingham of London
3. Sarah Wroe
  m. John Roebuck of Sheffield
4. Martha Wroe
  m. (14.09.1718) George Fullelove of Sheffield (son of David)
  A. George Fullelove of Sheffield (d c1774) had issue
  m1. ?? m2. ??
  B. Martha Fullelove
  m. John Carr of London
  C. Hannah Fullelove
  m. Charles Dale of Sheffield (grinder)
  D.+ other issue - John (dsp), Sarah (d unm)



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Thoresby starts with Colonel Thomas whose sister Elizabeth m. Richard Sykes.
Thomas Scott of Westthorpe probably father of Elizabeth, probably also of ...
1. Thomas Scot or Scott (Colonel)
  m. Hannah or Martha Piers (dau of Sir William Piers by Martha Ware)
  A. Elizabeth Scot or Scott
  m. Thomas Piers (cousin)
  B. Hannah Scot or Scott
  m. Abraham White of Dublin
2. Elizabeth Scot or Scott
  m. Richard Sykes of Leeds ## see here ##



This section first uploaded 28.04.24.
Roger Williams of Flint
1. John Williams of Flint
  m. _ Mannering (dau of Robert Mannering)
  A. Thomas Williams
  m. _ Gurney (dau of Hugh Gurney)
  i. Richard Williams
  m. Elizabeth Ashton (dau of Edmund Ashton of Ashton (Lancashire))
  a. Bryan Williams ("Auditor of the Principality of N. Wales")
  m. _ Bawde (sister/heir of Richard Bawde)
  (1) John Williams
  m. Margaret Meradiffe (dau/coheir of Edmund Meradiffe/Meradisse)
  (A) Thomas Williams
  m. Ursula Buckley (dau of Sir Robert Buckley of Buckley)
(i) Thomas Williams
  m1. Alice Warren (dau of Sir Edward Warren)
  (a) Robert Williams
  m. _ FitsHerbert (dau of Sir Henry FitzHerbert)
  ((1)) John Williams (a 1470, "Receiver of Flintshire")
  m1. _ Matthews (dau/heir of Edward Matthews)
  ((A)) Sir George Williams or Mathew
  m. _ Ardin (dau of Sir John Ardin)
  m2. (sp) Agnes Stradling (dau of Thomas Stradling)
  m2. Anne Vaughan (dau of Sir Henry Vaughan)

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(2) For Ellis : TCP (Mendip)
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