04 – Major changes coming to the site

This News Release replaces one I had released on 12th August. I thought it better to do a straight-forward replacement rather than prepare an additional new release as otherwise it might be confusing, given that my plans for the site have changed since August.

I had hoped that the structure of the new version of the site, that was launched in March, would make it easier for me to develop the Histories side of the site. I had thought that keeping the bones of the previous structure, but turning it into having a blog format, would be enough to enable me to get stuck into it properly. However, I have found that the new structure, whilst more supportive of my style & approach than the old structure was, is still not right for me. After a bit more thought, this time without the distraction of having to prepare for the relaunch at the same time, and having had more time to reflect on what I really want to do with my semi-retirement, I have decided to simplify things much further. The result is as follows.

1. The ambition I had to make Stirnet Histories a blog on Social & Political History, which was already a big step down from the previous ambition of it being a Library of articles, is to be scrapped altogether. The link to (Stirnet) Histories, that is presently shown near the top of every page, will be replaced by one to Extra Content. That part of the site will be used to pull together my contributions to Genealogical Research other than the Families Database (which will be untouched by these changes). Hence, the site will become even more focused on Genealogy (the main reason why people visit it) than it is at present.

2. My drive to comment on Social & Political History will be satisfied through a simple Personal Blog, tucked away under Extra Content, that will become just ‘a collection of thoughts’ and will be renamed appropriately. [I have not yet decided what to call it.] It may retain some of the present structure of Stirnet Histories but be developed in a much simpler way. The blog will be developed so that it can be moved out of this site altogether at some point without disrupting the ‘Business Side’ of the site (Genealogy), should that ever be wanted.

3. As preparation for these changes, over the next few weeks:
links to the existing pages of Stirnet Histories will either be transferred elsewhere, probably to the page that is presently called Extra Content, or be replaced by a link to some sort of holding page or be left alone pending review or be deleted altogether;
– those of the existing pages within Stirnet Histories that will continue will either be left alone pending review or be reworded so as to be more appropriate to their new role or be significantly reduced, perhaps to being little more than a notice that the relevant page is ‘Under Construction’.
Any content that is not being kept visible within the site will either be deleted (albeit with copies kept in my offline working files in case it could be useful in the future) or be maintained in the site but left invisible to viewers pending review

4. After this exercise, Extra Content will probably look rather messy for a while but I hope to sort it out reasonably quickly. I have plans for that part of the site, in particular for the blog, and am looking forward to working on it. I aim to have it all look ‘settled’ by the middle of 2015.

My apologies to you should you find that a link has been broken or that a reference or note has become obsolete. There are bound to be a few such things but I should find & repair them quite quickly. I confirm that none of this will affect the Families Database other than having to change a few cross-references.

Written by on the 30th October 2014.

Peter is the founder & proprietor of Stirnet.

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