Page last updated 12.06.20 - Up to and including Campbell38 - See notes below

The following identifies most but not all of the branches covered by the Families Database so far. For more details, see the 'C' sub-index page.


Campbell01 Lochow
- Campbell02 Argyll
- Campbell09 Lochnell
- Campbell23(2) Jura & Glendaruel
- Campbell13(1) Skipniss (Skipness)-1
- Campbell05 Cawdor (Calder) & Airds
- Campbell25 Ardchattan
- Campbell24 Easter Denhead, Keithock & Otter
- Campbell03 Glenorchy-1
- Campbell06 Glenorchy-2, Breadalbane & Glenfalloch
- Tmp17 Auchlyne
- Campbell15 Barcaldine & Glenure
- Campbell21 Glenlyon
- Campbell16 Lawers & Loudoun-2
- Campbell31(1) Aberuchill
- Campbell31(2) Kinloch
- Campbell11 Auchibreck & Kilmichael
- Campbell17(1) Stuck & Knockbuy
- Campbell17(2) Kilberry
- Campbell07 Ardkinglas(s-1)
- Campbell14 Ardkinglas(s)-2
- Campbell28 Carrick
- Campbell29 Dergachy
- Campbell30(1) Clachan
- Campbell12 Ardentilly
- Campbell13(2) Skipness-2
- Campbell30(2) Auchawillan, Dunoon & Innellan
- Campbell08 Dunstaffnage
- Campbell19 Clenamacrie & Ederline
- Campbell10 Inverawe & Kilmartin
- Campbell04 Loudoun-1
- Campbell36(3) Bruntwood & Killoch
- Campbell26 Cesnock
- Temp24 Skeldon
- Temp05 Clewis
- Campbell18 Strachur & Ardgartan
- Campbell33 Craignish-1
- Campbell34 Craignish-2, Barrichbeyan & Lagganlochan
- Campbell32 (MacIver) Asknish & Ballochyle

- Campbell35 (McIver) Quoycrook

Separate (not yet properly connected to the above):
* Campbell20 Auchmannoch & Whitehaugh
* Campbell22 Skerrington & Horscleugh
* Campbell23(1) Achalader
* Campbell27 Succoth
* Campbell36(1) Schankistone & Garrall
* Campbell36(2) Montgarswood
* Campbell36(3) Bruntwood
* Campbell37(1) Brownside & Netherplace
* Campbell37(2) Kingancleuch
* Campbell38(1) Wellwood
* Campbell38(2) Auldhouseburn


PCBG note on The 2015 Review
I am reviewing this large family in stages. The first stage was done in the last week of January 2015. It involved restructuring some of the existing pages and filling in some of the gaps (for branches not previously covered). The objectives of the first stage were to (i) ensure that appropriate cover was provided for all of the Campbell families reported by BLG1952 and (ii) check through some of the families covered by HJHeraldry (Campbell, vol 2). The result: 7 new pages (27-33), 3 others fully reviewed (07, 13, 14), some movement of sections between pages, and many new connections & minor improvements.

For the next stage of the review I will go back to HJHeraldry (Campbell, vol 2) for more branches to include and will probably also check that I have covered all Campbell families mentioned in certain 19th century Burke publications. Later stages will include revisiting some of the branches covered in the past and may include seeing what else FSCOMT has to offer, not least through its identification of other potentially useful sources.

Notes on the sources ['HJHeraldry' and 'FSCOMT' are amongst our 'standard sources' and so are identified on Sources and acknowledgements]
Obtaining my own copy of HJHeraldry (Campbell, vol 2) sparked off the review. As that only very rarely shows daughters, and is often skimpy on wives, I am using FSCOMT to supplement it. I do not usually like to rely on FSCOMT (even though it has identified sources much better than its predecessor, the IGI) but the people at FSCOMT have clearly done a huge amount of work on the Campbells in recent years. They have found sources that have done marvels in unwrapping the confusion of multiple inter-Campbell marriages and it would be arrogant of me to disregard that. Using FSCOMT rather than digging-out those sources myself has saved me a huge amount of valuable time. However, because of my ongoing concerns about it, anything taken solely from that source is shown in italics.

Note added 24.12.17: I had asked (here) if anyone knew where/how I could obtain (access to) a copy of HJHeraldry (Campbell, vol 1). Thanks to HS (23.12.17) for advising me on this. I will get a copy soon and then finish off this review.