This section provides information on various places in the British Isles. It will be developed over time to include at least one article on every region of the islands and will provide links to many specialist sites where more information may be found. If the number of articles/posts requires it, I will revert to dividing this Category into 5 different Subcategories as shown below.

UKf I use the normal definitions of the British Isles and their constituent parts as follows:The British Isles = Great Britain, Ireland, the Channel Islands, and the Isle of ManGreat Britain = England, Scotland and Wales
Ireland = Republic of Ireland (Eire) and Northern Ireland
The United Kingdom = Great Britain and Northern Ireland


To start with I include pages on the following:

SCOTLAND A History of Scotland
IRELAND (not yet ready)
MAPS  GBmap01 – The Counties of Great Britain
 GBmap02 – Physical Map of the British Isles


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